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Underground tanks

The basic production of SIA VALTANKS is underground fuel storage tanks.

Tanks with capacity are offered:

  • Tanks with volume of 10 to 30 m3 are being supplied, if diameter of tank is 2000mm;

  • and with volume of 10 to 100m3 if diameter of tank is 2500mm.

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Aboveground tanks

SIA 'VALTANKS' offered:

  • Vertical aboveground tanks Vertical aboveground tanks produced by SIA VALTANKS are being exported to Scandinavian countries.

  • Horizontal aboveground tanks SIA VALTANKS offers production of single-wall as well as double-wall aboveground tanks. The surface of abveground tanks is being applied with fuel resistant polyurethan colour whose tone is adjusted with the customer.

  • Siloses It is possible to order and produce siloses for storage of different dry mixtures (cement, chippings etc.).